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Švelnus skalbimas ir džiovinimas viename prietaise. Mūsų skalbyklė su džiovinimu sutaupo laiką, energiją ir erdvę, tuo pat metu užtikrinant efektyvų veikimą ir galutinius rezultatus. Tuo pat metu, jos prailgina mūsų drabužių tinkamą išvaizdą, net jei jie yra pagaminti iš labai jautrių audinių. 

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arba sužinokite daugiau apie skalbykles su džiovinimu mūsų vadove.


System DelicateCare 900

The 900 series heat pump washer dryer allows you to wash and dry clothes, even those made of silk and insulated with down. The DelicateCare system adjusts the temperature and drum movement to suit each type of fabric, ensuring up to 50% less creasing.


System DualCare 700

The DualCare system cleans clothes in one cycle of washing and drying. Depending on the fabrics and the weight of the garment, it adjusts the temperature and drum movements to give the garment the best care. As a result, the clothes look like new for longer.

Product lines

The clothes are properly cared for in each cycle, with adjusted temperature and drum movement

  • System DelicateCare
  • Connectivity*
  • System DualCare
  • System SteamCare FreshScent
  • System SensiCare

Pre-mixes, dissolves and fully activates detergents for fast and effective washing

  • System UltraCare
  • System DualCare
  • System SteamCare FreshScent
  • System SensiCare

It automatically adjusts the cycle parameters to the type of fabrics and the weight of the load

  • System DualCare
  • System SteamCare FreshScent
  • System SensiCare

*Only available on selected products

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Prailginkite savo mėgstamų drabužių nešiojimą ir pasirūpinkite planeta su „Electrolux“ PerfectCare sprendimais.

Sužinoti daugiau

New icons informing about the performance of washer dryers*

A. New QR code. Just scan with your smartphone for more information
B. Energy class
C. Weighted energy consumption per 100 cycles [kWh]
D. Weighted water consumption per cycle [l]
E. Spin efficiency class
F. Graded capacity of the Eco program
G. Duration of the Eco program [hours: minutes]
H. Level [dB] and class of emitted noise

* The left part of the label refers to the washing cycle, the right - to the washing and drying cycle.

Discover the new energy class labels

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