Thanks to Hob2Hood® 700 technology, your hob will automatically control the operation of the hood. Changing the temperature or switching on another cooking zone will automatically adjust the power of the extractor. This will allow you to focus solely on making great dishes.

Why Hob2Hood?

Focus on what's really important in the kitchen: cooking great dishes. Thanks to the Hob2Hood function, the hob automatically turns on the extractor hood and adjusts the power of the extractor hood to the cooking intensity. So you can cook and fry food without having to pay attention to operating the hood.

Efficient and quiet Electrolux hoods remove fumes quickly and efficiently, providing fresh air and a creative atmosphere in the kitchen. However, thanks to the award-winning design, they fit perfectly into any interior.

hob2hood electrolux panel
hob2hood electrolux hoods design

Food protected in every corner

TwinTech® No Frost

TwinTech® with No Frost is an intelligent dual-cooling system that locks in the hydration of your ingredients.

Superior to standard total no frost, it independently cools the fridge and freezer compartments. This means frost doesn't build up on the food stored in the freezer, preserving their texture. While the fridge maintains the right humidity resulting in 60% less food mass loss. So ingredients stay full of flavour, last longer and less are wasted.

Fridge door surface

Cooling 360° fridge

Cooling 360º fridge protects food quality in every corner.