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Space & configuration

Select your cooker depending on the space available and the desired configuration of the appliance. 

60cm-wide – Freestanding cookers allow choosing a combination of various types of hobs and ovens, offering great flexibility.
100cm-wide – Range cookers are generous in size and have an outstanding capacity. Thanks to the extra width the hob features six heating zones instead of the standard four.

Pro-tip: When deciding on the types of hob and oven for your cooker, browse our Buying guides for hobs and ovens to make an optimal choice.

Heat source

Depending on the heat source available, you can choose between an electric or gas cooker – or enjoy the advantages and flexibility of both.

Gas cookers give you instant and precise heat control. It’s a superior choice if you need powerful heat for your stir-fry. 

Electric cookers are easy to clean and come loaded with smart features. The even heat distribution in electric ovens makes them ideal for baking. 

Dual fuel cookers combine the benefits of both electricity and gas. 


If you cook for a big family or lots of friends, you will do well with a large capacity cooker. Oven capacity is measured in litres.

70+ litres – perfect for bigger households.
40 – 70 litres – best suited to a house of three to four.

Most of the Electrolux cookers come with a double oven, allowing you to grill and cook at the same time. When looking at the cookers with a double oven, it is common to compare their largest compartments.

Pro-tip: Increase cooking capacity by selecting an appliance with extra shelf positions in the oven.


Save money on energy bills while staying climate-conscious. The energy rating of an appliance is labelled on a scale from A+++ (most energy efficient) to G (least efficient). Opt for a cooker with good energy rating, such as A or higher.

Select your appliance

Whether you like to cook lavish dinners or modest meals, Electrolux has the right cooker for you.